Management Company

TPW is the contracted property manager for the common areas of Renihan Meadows.

Their general responsibilities include the following:

  • Supervision of Association contractors and vendors, such as landscapers, snowplowers, trades and service organizations, etc.
  • Prompt responsiveness to member requests for services to Association's common areas that are consistent with Board approved budgets.
  • Maintenance of the Association's financial affairs.
  • Explanation and enforcement of Association policies and related matters.

TPW is a full service, premier HOA management company with over 25 years experience providing professional community management.

If you wish to request services that relate to Renihan Meadows common areas, please contact TPW. If your service request relates to your own individual unit, you are free to contact anyone you wish, including TPW, who will bill you individually for the specific services.

TPW supervises a variety of contractors who help to maintain Renihan Meadow's grounds and facilities. PLEASE DO NOT ask or try to direct a contractor in their work when they are performing services for the Condominium Association.

If an owner or tenant has any questions, comments or suggestions about contractors or their work the owner/tenant should contact:

Renihan Meadows Condominium
c/o TPW - Managing Agent
PO Box 1051
Norwich, VT 05055